Multiflex RMS

About Us

With over 17 years of experience, Multiflex RMS is ready to make your complex business needs as simple as possible. We offer frequent updates and the latest tools and technologies used in retail point of sales systems. Multiflex RMS supports retailers across 4 continents in their daily business activities. Multiflex RMS is used by thousands of retailers around the world to manage single location, multi-location, and international locations from their back office and even the comfort of their home.

MultiFlex RMS is more than just an easy-to-use POS software. Our agile retail management solution is ready to adapt to your ever-changing business needs. The MultiFlex RMS program balances your inventory, produces meaningful reports, manages your client relationships, and automates your sales and marketing activities. 

We have years of experience as POS service providers. We create intuitive RMS solutions that our clients find reliable, trusted, and secure. Our software solutions and services are supported by an experienced array of RMS experts and success coaches that can assist the growth of your business.

  • 2700+ Installations
  • 4 Continents
  • 16 Countries


Multiflex RMS solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with eCommerce solutions like Shopify, Magento, and your preferred eCommerce providers.

  • MultiFlex Fashion

We understand the challenges and requirements of running a fashion retail store. Whether you own a small boutique or a large chain, our specialized features for apparel stores will support managing your business smoothly. MultiFlex RMS helps you optimize your investments ith real-time reporting on all of your styles. If you sell online, MultiFlex will automatically update your inventory without you having to do extra data entry.
  • MultiFlex General Merchandise

MultiFlex GM manages every aspect of retail operations in hundreds of stores across North America. The MultiFlex GM solution includes a POS register, back-office management, advanced inventory fulfillment, customer rewards, eCommerce, and detailed business reporting. MultiFlex RMS inventory management streamlines your business processes and ensures that you have the right products in stock at the right time to maximize profitability in fast-paced environments.
  • MultiFlex Nutrition & Health

MultiFlex Nutrition was specially designed to cater to the products of retail nutrition stores. We track the expiry dates, lot numbers, and inventory item details required to keep your business running smoothly.
  • MultiFlex Equestrian

MultiFlex Equestrian is a combination of services optimized for retailers with Equestrian products and services. You can easily manage customer special orders, tack repairs, and laundry services in addition to sales of regular merchandise.


Point of Sales Solution
    Our POS software is designed to give you complete control of single-store, multi-store, multi-location, and cross-border retail operations by integrating your online eCommerce and physical stores.


    Inventory Management System

      Product selection, quantity, and timing are critical in running your business. RMS is equipped with tools that empower your decision making and inventory management. 

      Our inventory management system provides:

      • Purchase order management
      • Inventory replenishment management
      • Automated, accurate inventory, and
      • Integration with Inventory count devices

        Reporting Management

          The MultiFlex RMS reporting tools are available on-demand to help you make the best business decisions. The following reports are available with click of a button:
          • Inventory reports by  groups, brands and suppliers
          • Performance reports by  styles, categories, departments
          • Sales reports per location, sales staff, layaway, special orders, gift cards, etc.
          • Clients reports based on preferences, patterns, likes/dislikes, revenues

          eCommerce Integration and Shopify Connector

            The MultiFlex RMS  eCommerce solution is a powerful and flexible platform that fully integrates your brick-and-mortar and eCommerce stores. The balanced inventory program drives efficiency and promotes great customer service. We provide custom websites and we integrate with any other website via our advanced API.


            Payment Processing Integration

              Our MultiFlex RMS system integrates your payment card processing program for seamless and efficient processing. We can integrate with almost any payment processor in North America.

              Mobile Device Support

              MultiFlex RMS Fashion supports mobile access so that you can manage your business away from the store. You can also use it to reduce checkout lines and on the road. We provide you with complete access to your back office so you can run your business from any location that has Internet access.

              QuickBooks® Accounting Program

              The MultiFlex RMS solution interfaces with the QuickBooks® accounting program to save you time and eliminate the need to perform manual journal entries.

              Customer Relationship Management

              Our CRM service includes:

              • Customer profile management,
              • Marketing tools that include email, direct mail and Loyalty Points,
              • Marketing reports with detailed information on performance by segment and category to help you produce effective campaigns, and
              • Analytical tools to measure campaigns, new clients and lost clients.

              Electronic Gift Cards

              MultiFlex RMS is optimized to issue, redeem and track gift card balances within the solution.



                Managed Services

                We can manage the IT aspects of your business upon request. In a nutshell, we offer:

                • Remote access,
                • Database backup,
                • Software support,
                • Software maintenance, 
                • Database synchronization, and More


                •  Smaller Operations
                The MultiFlex RMS suite of software programs comes with an experienced team of RMS support staff to train, implement and support your retail business growth plans. Training resources are available at your facilities, at our office, and online with video training resources.

                • Larger Operations
                We team up with your IT and Management staff to plan and execute an optimized deployment system for your company. Project plans are prepared and reviewed with your staff to optimize implementation with little-to-no business interruptions. We support the migration of your databases from your legacy applications to your new integrated system.