Reseller Program

We welcome new Channel Partners to represent our solutions and services in their respective cities, states, and countries. Depending on your availability, there are two options for joining our Reseller team:

Sales Agent

You team up with us and receive training to become familiar enough with the program to approach your prospects and obtain the information required to make a sale. We can help you present the solution and answer any questions that you feel we should answer directly. You then present the proposal, or we can do this with your involvement, and we both make all efforts to make the sale.

After the sale is made, Microhouse Systems will do the rest of the work. We will install the system, train the customer, and extend necessary support and services to make sure customer is using the system efficiently and is happy. The sale and all future business generated with this customer are linked to your account with us, and you get an attractive recurring revenue for as long as the customer uses our solutions and services. We handle the billing and you get paid when we receive payments.

Sales & Support Agent

We team up with you as explained above for the Sales Agent option, and provide training and support services for the first two customers. Once you have learned enough about the system, you will be expected to take charge of the services on your own. We will then expect you to assign at least one dedicated support staff member from your team to be trained and supported by our office if and when necessary. We will provide the managed services to your customers, which will alleviate some of the need for support services from you.

Your income stream is higher with this option. At your discretion, you would invoice your customers directly based on the special price list we provide to you.